Items for consignment are selected based on condition, style and saleability. To have items viewed for consideration the consignor can bring one or more item(s) to our showroom, or email photos to Arrangements for home viewing can be made at a fee of $20.00 per hour.


If you plan to drop by our showroom with consignment items please call ahead to set up a date and time for consignment consideration.


We will help you set the initial selling price based on the items age, condition, quality ,style and current market value.

Consignment Timeline

Consignment lasts a length of 12 weeks, and the consignor will receive a 50% payout of the final selling price minus any fees for cartage, etc. Clients will be charged for early contract cancellation at a fee of $95.00 per item.


Items will be displayed and promoted to maximum effect, both in-store and online with price point, condition, country of origin and designer.

Price Discounts

If items do not sell after six weeks they are subject to a price discount of 20% to 40%. If the consignor considers the price too low you can then remove your item at a fee of $95.00 for early contract cancellation.

Pickup and Delivery

We can pick up and deliver single items for a minimum ee of $40.00 to maximum fee of $100.00 for larger amounts of multiple items.

Unsold Items

Once the contract has expired and the item is still not sold, the consignor will be notified to have their item removed from the showroom. Clients will have 5 days after notification to remove their items unless prior arrangements were made. If not claimed after 5 days the item will become the sole property of Hoopers.


Once your item has sold we will notify you by phone or email. Cheques will then be issued in the middle of each month following the sale of your item.

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