1960s "Lee West" Speaker Chair w/Ottoman *2 Available*

A pair of authentic 1960s Lee West Music Chambers with Ottomans. Commonly also referred to as the "Egg" or "Alpha" chair. Purchased from the original owner and in excellent working condition. Each chair is crafted out of a molded smoke white fiberglass shell with a 100% nylon interior and vinyl upholstered cushioning. The main feature to these chairs are the speakers set too either side at ear level behind the nylon interior. Connection for the speakers are located on the underside of the base and hook directly into the speaker ports of a amplifier via the included conductor cable. As a security measure to protect the speakers from damage due to excessive amplifier power levels the conductor cable is fitted with a fuse block. Should the power level from the amplifier be excessive it will blow the fuses located on the block and can be easily changed. Each chair comes with the manufactures instructions on how to set-up and care for the chair. 2 available. Priced per chair.

Once again...these are the "REAL DEAL" and are in excellent condition as the previous owners took exceptional care of them over the years.

Chair Dimensions: 39" Wide x 40" Deep x 51" High (15 1/2" at the seat).

Ottoman Dimensions: 20" Wide x 16" Deep x 11" High.

Date: 1960s

Origin: U.S.A.

Design/Make: Lee West Inc.

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