Custom "Sounds Vintage" Guitar Case Stereo/Amplifier

Made with pride in Winnipeg, Manitoba and skillfully retrofitted with a 3-piece speaker system (Driver/Woofer/Tweeter). No further modifications have yet been made so one can customize the case to their own unique taste. Can be customized to operate as a portable stereo, amplifier, PA system or can be left pretty much as it is and used as additional speaker to an existing system. Currently there are 2 amps to choose from when customizing to become a portable stereo...the standard Deluxe amp which has a FM tuner, USB input, SD card input & comes with a remote or a audiophile T-Path Amplifier which runs more efficiently and has a better sound. All case customized with a stereo amp come with an auxiliary input (Phone/I-pod/Tablet), 12 volt rechargeable battery, charger cable, auxiliary cable and a AC adaptor that can be used to bypass the battery when near an external power. Please contact or visit us directly at the store to inquire about additional customization options available as well as cost.

Dimensions: 43" Long x 16 1/2" Wide x 6" Deep.

Origin: Canada

Make: Sounds Vintage

Model/Item #: GSV-1

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