Unique Portable Bar Case Stereo

Handmade with pride in Winnipeg, Manitoba out of a vintage portable bar case. The SV-4 portable audio system by "Sounds Vintage" has been custom retrofitted with Yamaha speakers on the front & back and is powered by a Deluxe Amplifier that feature a USB input, SD card input, FM receiver & remote control. Additional features in include an auxiliary in port to hook-up I-Phone/MP3/Tablet and a AC port with adapter to bypass the battery when near an external power source. Comes with a 12 volt rechargeable battery that will carry a charge for approximately 23 1/2 hours if run at medium volume, charger and auxiliary cable. The light compact form of this case make it this an ideal unit for travel.

Additional pre-fitted (w/speakers) and unfitted cases also available. Please contact us or visit us directly at the store to view cases currently available or to inquire about the additional options available to customize a case to make it unique to you.

Dimensions: 11 1/2" Wide x 6" Deep x 14 1/2" High.

Origin: Canada

Make: Sounds Vintage

Model/Item #: SV-4

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