Nordic Sectional Sofa QS



The Nordic Series by Fjords is a Scandinavian inspired modular concept that offers a variety of options to suit your needs and style.

Dimensions: 112" Long x 80" Deep x 31" High (17" Seat Height).

Origin: Norway

Design: Fjords

Brand: Fjords


A stylish Scandinavian inspired concept the Nordic Sectional Sofa by Fjords offers a variety of options to suit ones need.  With a wide range of seating modulars available as well as arm & leg choices the Nordic can easily be customized to fit ones style.  Sectional is available as a Quickship item configured and upholstered in a grade B dark grey fabric material as shown in the included photos.  Sectional configuration can be reversed and a choice of leg style and finish is available.

This Quickship version is currently available in our showroom for veiwing.

For more information on the Nordic Sectional and the other available options please visit the Fjords website or contact us directly.




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